It is the responsibility of the parent that the student comes to school in the complete uniform. STUDENTS ARE TO BE IN COMPLETE UNIFORM AT ALL TIMES. THIS INCLUDES SHIRT TUCKED IN WHENEVER ON CAMPUS. DRESS UNIFORM IS REQUIRED FOR CERTAIN OCCASIONS AND MUST BE WORN. STUDENTS ARE NOTIFIED WHEN DRESS UNIFORM IS REQUIRED. All polo uniform blouses/shirts will have St. Pius X School logo on them. (Church services and field trips are always dress uniform).


                                                               GIRLS’ UNIFORM


EVERYDAY                                                                                   DRESS

Box pleat plaid jumper                                                                                                                      3 Box pleat plaid jumper

Plain white uniform blouse-                                                                                                             White Uniform blouse

(Long/short sleeve navy trim)                                                                                                       Ribbon tie           

White socks, knee highs or tights                                                                                                White socks

White tennis shoes-tie or Velcro                                                                                                  White tennis shoes-tie or Velcro



EVERYDAY                                                                                   DRESS UNIFORM

3 Box pleat plaid uniform skirt/skort -no more than top of knee cap                                         3 Box pleat plaid uniform skirt/skort –top of knee cap

White knit (polo) or white oxford blouse with logo                                                            Long/Short sleeved white oxford blouse w/logo

Navy socks, knee highs, or tights                                                                                         Continental tie

Black dress leather oxfords or penny loafers                                                                                 Navy socks

                                                                                                                                                    Black leather  oxfords or penny loafers

PE UNIFORMS                                                                            Girls skits/skorts must be no shorter than the

Navy PE shorts                                                                                                                        top of the knee cap.

St. Pius T-Shirt (5-8)

Uniform blouse (Pk-4)

Black tennis shoes

Navy socks

Navy/black Warm ups

GRADES PK-8                


Navy uniform slacks (belt must accompany the slacks (5-8)

Navy cardigan or pullover sweater

St. Pius school jacket

St. Pius navy sweatshirt



No sport socks may be worn at any time

Sweatshirts in classroom (other than St. Pius)


Leggings or spandex

Excessive jewelry-only 1 pair of earrings, 1 watch,

Bracelets or wrist bands are permitted (safety)

Makeup, lip gloss or fingernail polish

Boots/ Fashion footwear including ballet shoes that resemble black oxfords.

Large soles, platform soles, or hiking boots are not acceptable

No spandex                          




EVERYDAY                                                                                   DRESS UNIFORM

Navy twill uniform pants or walking shorts                                                               Navy twill uniform long pants

Blue short sleeve knit (polo) shirt or white oxford with logo                                  White long/short oxford dress shirt w/logo

Navy socks                                                                                                                       St. Pius Tie

Black tennis shoes-tie or Velcro                                                                                     Navy socks Black tennis shoes-ie/velcro

Black belt                                                                                                                            Black belt




EVERYDAY                                                                                   DRESS UNIFORM

Navy twill uniform pants or walking shorts                                                                                 Navy twill uniform long pants

Blue short sleeve knit (Polo) or oxford shirt                                                                               White long/short oxford dress shirt

     with logo                                                                                                                                        with logo

Navy socks                                                                                                                                     St. Pius Tie

Black dress leather oxford or penny loafers                                                                                                    

Navy socks

Black belt                                                                                                                                         Black belt

                                                                                                                                                         Black leather oxford/penny loafers


Navy uniform pants/shorts

White T-Shirt (PK-4)

St. Pius T-Shirt (5-8)

Black Tennis shoes with shoe laces or Velcro

Navy socks must be worn at all times

Black or navy blue warm-ups for winter wear

GRADES PK-8                                                    


Navy P.E. shorts

Navy blue cardigan or pullover sweater

St. Pius school jacket

St. Pius navy sweatshirt

Navy walking shorts -students must wear belt.



No logos on socks and no sport socks may be worn

Sweatshirts in classrooms (other than St. Pius sweatshirts)


Jewelry - no gold chains, or medals outside the shirt, no bracelets or wrist bands

No earrings

Hiking Boots



For boys, hair needs to be neatly cut and combed. Hair will be above the ears and not touch the collar of the shirt. No shaved heads. Side burns will not be longer than the center of the ear. Hair should be moderate and uniform length in front, back, top and sides. Boys must be clean shaven.

For girls, hair, whether in bangs or loose, must be worn out of the eyes. The following are prohibited: dyed, bleached, or tinted hair, shaved heads.


Boys and girls will be asked once to get their haircut. If it is not attended to within 48 hours, they will be sent home until their grooming meets the St. Pius X code.

Jewelry is prohibited for all students, except for a single pair of earrings for girls. No long, dangling earrings are allowed.

1. One ring per hand may be worn.

2. No bracelets or wristbands are not allowed.

3. Watches are not considered jewelry and may be worn. Please do not send watches with alarms or that play music to school.

4. Please leave any valuable earrings, rings, or watches at home and do not allow students to bring them to school.

5. No gold or silver chains or medals may be worn on the outside of the uniform.


The wearing of the correct uniform is required all year long. Please see that your child is in the approved uniform until the end of the school year, this includes correct footwear. Students will be corrected whenever they are out of uniform.

1. Students who do not have the proper tie or belt will RENT one from the school office for $1.00 a day.

2. Students who do not wear the correct socks will purchase a pair from the school office for $5.00

The principal will have final decision in what is appropriate and not appropriate for non-uniform days and the grooming code.


Girl’s skirts are no shorter than above the knee cap. Girls must wear blouses or tops of a modest length-no middy or bare midriff, no off the shoulder, see through, or tank tops. Shorts are not allowed in grades 3-8 for girls, except the school walking short.


Any student who comes to school out of uniform, or who is not dressed appropriately on non-uniform dress days, will call their parent to bring them proper attire. They will not be permitted to enter class until they are in proper dress. Students, who do not obey the rules regarding proper school dress, will lose the right to have Non Uniform dress days.

At no time may students wear gang attire, such as baggy pants, bandanas, hanging belts, chains, bracelets, logos, or inappropriate dress for school. Boys may not wear earrings or jewelry. Tattoos are prohibited at all times.

Non-Uniform Dress Days: If the desired dress is questionable, do not wear it to school.

Non-uniform dress is allowed on certain days of the school year. There is a specific dress code for these dress days. A student’s appearance must be compatible with cleanliness, modesty and neatness. Jeans and pants must always be at the waist and skirts no more than 2” above the knees for girls.

1. Free dress days: No blue jeans, shorts, tank tops, or other inappropriate dress on these days. Free dress must be clean, modest and appropriate for school.

2. Spirit Days: The school colors of black and gold are to be worn. Black jeans may be worn, but no blue jeans, baggy pants, T-shirts with inappropriate or vulgar messages.

3. Jean Days: Blue jeans may be worn. No jeans with holes or leggings. No tank tops, baggy pants, T-shirts with inappropriate messages, or gang attire may be worn.       

4. Dress up Days: No blue jeans may be worn on these days. Students may come in appropriate clothing, which is neat, clean, and modest.

5. Students must always have tennis shoes and socks available for P.E. class.

6. Girls in grades 3-8 may not wear shorts other than uniform shorts on non-uniform dress days.